Curriculum Vitae

This CV only contains the stations which contributed to my development as software developer, QA manager, and software architect.

For more details also have a look to:

Chief Software Architect @ Senorics GmbH

since April 2019

At Senorics, I am responsible to plan, design, and develop the software products for our great Sensor Devices.

Founder @ PureSol Technologies

Since November 2009

PureSol Technologies was founded for doing consultancy work. PureSol Technologies helps its customers to create better software by automating tool chains, teaching software engineering principles and helping to design software architectures.

Software Architect @ ASML

March 2017 – April 2019

I am responsible for the overall software architecture for an ASML product and for interface alignment with other components of the product line.

Main focus is the retrieval, parsing and storage of large amounts of data to provide these data to analytical analysis tooling in a 24/7 semiconductor manufacturing environments.

Software Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer and On-site Support Engineer @ ASML

January 2012 – February 2017

Work as software developer on Java EE based run time controller and analysis tools. Some time work as quality assurance engineer to develop a test concept and implenting automated tests.

Additionally, work as support engineer for supporting software products in the field with on-site support, installation, troubleshooting and trainings in China (incl. Taiwan), South Korea, Japan, U.S.A. and France.

Software Developer and Quality Assurance Manager @ itemic AG

July 2011 – December 2011

I was hired to help bring forward a software product dedicated for semiconductor manufacturing process optimization.

Test Development Engineer & Automation Engineer @ X-FAB Dresden

December 2003 – June 2011

I was hired to develop electric tests for wafer production. Over the years I did more and more software and IT development for PCM testfloor automation and defect control automation. This work let into a fully automated test floor driven by Linux servers with software developed in C/C++, Java, Perl and PHP.

The work in a 24/7 production environment trained me to handle very stressful situations, to keep an overview in chaotic situations and to solve problems and crisis in short time effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, I was technical supervisor for a group of operators, which trained my people skills and skills for conflict management.

Physics Studies with Specialization on Semiconductor Physics

October 1998 – November 2003

During my studies of Physics and Semiconductor Physics, I took extra courses about Algorithm Design and High Performance Computing (HPC). I used this knowledge to solve several problems during my studies, my student work for the Endowed Chair for Semiconductor Physics and my diploma thesis with self-written simulation software.

Student Job as Administrator at Endowed Chair for Semiconductor Physics @ University of Technology Dresden

April 2000 – November 2003

I planned and setup a secure work group network for the chair of Semiconductor Physics. For that work I build very secure routing servers on basis of Linux From Scratch and Gentoo.

Especially designed and created boot CDs were used to build routers with firewalls which could not be altered by attackers. The OS was read from CD and the configuration came from read only disks.

A file server was setup for the work group as central storage facility and access point for data with RAID systems to improved the availability. The usage of NFS and Samba assured a flawless integration with Linux and Windows clients.

Software Developer @ University of Technology Dresden

January 1999 – July 1999

Work within a endowed research and development group at faculty of electrical engineering on a compiler for a digital sound processor developed at the university. I worked in the compiler team to develop optimization routines for an optimized compiler output to gain maximum performance from the DSP processors by avoiding unnecessary calculations on processor side.

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